Saturday, January 07, 2006

Puppies (2)

The puppies grew up very fast, capitalising on the abundant milk supply from their "lovely" mum.. :P I didn't expect them to be so bouncy and boisterous, after only one and a half month into their life in my house. Sadly, one of the puppies were already given away a few days ago, and the rest are to meet the same fate soon enough.

Yesterday, I decided to record some of their mischievous acts in their territory - my house compound. Regrettably I didn't get to take the picture of their constant fall in the drain and their cries for help.. ;) Enjoy the pic!

There, a new food to help wean myself...

Ahhh!! Ambrosia...

Eeerr... How to climb the stairs arr?

Haha, stupid dog, let us show you the way!! (Wait, what's the lazy dog doing up there? :D)

Light and easy as it might seem, it was in fact quite hard to take the pictures of the puppies (and their lazy mum). They were constantly running around, and it's virtually impossible even to lock the focus for a second. One moment you thought you got the precious moment and pressed the shutter release, the next moment the pictures came out blank and showed only the tails or just plain green. :P Those pictures in my puppy collection were actually a selection among hundreds other failures. So thanks for dropping by, and hope you have had a feast of eyes and tons of amusement!


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Birthday and 2006

At the end of every year, people around the world throng to their local shopping complex or the tallest building to count down for the coming year. 31 December of every year marks the end of the year - to augur for a new beginning, and a new hope.

Despite the glory and resplendence of 31 December, a quiet day before that, 30 December remains a inconspicuous date that not many would notice. For me, I have been quietly celebrating the special date of mine for the last 20 years. Most of the years, I would stay at home, have a simple dinner with my family or a small celebration with close friends. Turning 20 this time, the whole event doesn't change by much, but I have to say that it was the best birthday I have ever had in my lifetime. All thanks to you, Miss "Anonymous"! I could never be as meticulous as you when it comes to preparing presents. You made my day, on each day in fact, but I just can't get over the overwhelming feeling when I opened the present(s)... Thanks a lot, it is the most wonderful present in the world.

I would also like to thank all other friends who have made my day, by sending me wishes via dinners, SMS, phone calls or online messages.

  • My dearest family - for the lighthearted wishes.
  • Friends and friends' friends at Salam's Corner, Ipoh - for the night's birthday song.
  • Ka Lip - for the thoughtful present.
  • Chong Chyn and Sheik Yan - for the cute present.
  • Heng Liang - for your call which was 49 minutes late. :P
  • Wee Loon - for your message greeting.
  • Swee Sing - for your sms (despite my late wish for your birthday).
  • Li Enn - for your sms greeting.
  • Chin Fei - for your naughty yet appreciated greeting. =D
  • Cheok Quen - for your morning call which woke me up (which was nevertheless sweet).
  • Jie Ni - for your birthday greeting (which was a record 14th from you).
  • Alvin - for your purposefully late greeting.
  • Yoke Mei - for your friendster greeting.
  • Sze Mei - for your friendster message (hey I didn't snatch your husband, it was a mutual thing. .:P).
  • Jian Wey - for your lovely message.
  • Hui Hoong - for your phone call at midnight.
  • Chin Yaw - for calling all the way from United Kingdom to my mobile phone.
  • Friends who organized the steamboat dinner - for the wonderful and unforgettable moments.. I will always remember the cake facial treatment!
  • Joanne - for your cute message and special MSN screenname.
  • Jasmine - for your email greeting.
  • Nooi Hoay - for your letter in a brown envelope!
  • Seok Kheng - for your e-greeting in my blog.
  • Carmen - for your early hi5 greeting.
  • Zhe Jin - for your birthday wishes.
  • Eleen - for your birthday card.
I wish nobody's slipped my mind due to Alzheimer's, but if I have missed out your name, do give me a hit on my head and I will put it on. Thanks to all again, and happy 2006!!