Monday, December 07, 2009

A Nightmare

kelas (by changyang1230)I had a nightmare the other day.

I was sitting in the back row of a maths class in my high school. It was a classroom of about 40 students. As usual, at the front was a maths teacher who was rambling on some basic principles nonchalantly. He was also making some random irrelevant political remarks.

The air was as stale as last week's white bread. It was so boring that I was staring blank into the space. Some people were taking notes of what the teacher said. Some copied it verbatim. I couldn't be bothered.

As if realising the staleness of the air itself, the teacher suddenly decided to stir up the air by running a spot-check on our notebooks. With raised eyebrows he inspected our notes, barely giving any appreciation for those who jotted down his excellent political remarks word-by-word. You just can't expect him to do that.

Then he came to me. And my book was blank.

"HOW DARE YOU not paying any attention in my class. You are so disrespectful. You will be deducted five points from the final maths exam for your conduct!"

I was absolutely horrified.

Flushed with indignation, I retorted,

"You were just teaching basic things, why should I copy down what you said? If you said one plus one equals two, should I copy that down too?! Give me back my five points!"

He ignored me. I sat down trying to contain my pent-up anger.

Ten minutes later the class went on as usual. I continued to not take any note and the girl in front continued to write down everything.

And then he decided to do another spot-check.

He came to me.

And I woke up.

Image Credit: Teachers happy to get more work, responsibilities for Teachers’ Day « Nose4news

p/s: This is a real dream. And for some reasons that teacher is En. Ilias for those who know him :P