Thursday, June 30, 2005

I am A Nerd

Yes, I am a low ranking nerd: Definitely a nerd but low on the totem pole of nerds. Haha.. Yes, call me nerd call me nerd call me nerd... blek!!

I am nerdier than 67% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!


Alvin Ooi said...

wei, no post one? posting quiz results not counted wor. this is intesting, i am gonna take this quiz.

youngyew said...

Got larrr.. who said no post? Read under the meaning of my name (the next post after this), I did write a post after the test result.

And oh yeah, after taking the quiz remember to tell me ya! I am sure you are less nerdy than I am.

day-dreamer said...

nerd, hey nerd!!

don't beat me, u ask me to call u nerd one mah... =P

sophisticatedsoul said...

*thinking hard*

Finally come to a conclusion:

Chang Yang can't be a nerd.

youngyew said...

sophisticated-soul: What made you say so? Is spending, say, 3 hours per day in ReCom considered not nerd? :P

william said...

i scored 70%, beat you, yippee :P