Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Exam Luck

Is it just me, or does everyone face this problem? Whenever I have two possible answers for an exam question, the one I choose always turns out to be wrong. Or worse still, sometimes I chose the right answer initially, only to change to the wrong one at the last minute.

I am starting to suspect there are spells in all my exam papers.


Winson Kang said...

Argh, are you kidding? This kind of stupid thing happens to the time!! Hmm, i think it's gonna haunt me for as long as i live to take any exams.:(

wei liang said...

That's why I usually don't double-check my ans=P...except for calculations.

I guess, it's just sometimes you couldn't help to think "What if the other ans is correct?" and change your ans.

Anonymous said...

This is a unversal exam spell. We, too, experience it in the United States.

jasmine said...

it's the spell of uncertainty.
remedy: know your stuff better!

haha joke la.

the answer we choose intuitively is usually correct, i read somewhere.after rationalizing it away we tend to choose the wrong one.=D

StanleyYP said...

that's the consequence of thinking too much........ hehe.

Anonymous said...

Relax... you're not the only one. I experience this thing once we were exposed to MCQ since... since... when ah?

But there were also times when after thinking to change or not to change the answer, I changed it and it turned out to be correct. Hope you experience this more than you experience that. Hehe.

All the best for exams.

youngyew said...

Winson: Haha, yeah, guess we are just unlucky..

Wei Liang: The problem is, for those questions that I didn't double-check, I ended up getting it wrong; and for those questions that I did double check, I still got it wrong. Or in other words, no matter what I do, I normally get those questions wrong. Grrh!

Eric: Haha, do you have multiple-choice questions for maths as well?

Jasmine: Haha, you are absolutely right.. But I guess I am just not born to study the whole day... I do "study" - stuff that is not related to my exam. :P About the "intuitive answer", it doesn't work for me, as I wrote to Wei Liang above.

Stanleyyp: Hahaha, think or not think also the same. I where got think a lot one la?

Day-dreamer: Unfortunately, your "ideal situation" seldom, if at all occur to me. :( All the best to you too!

Anonymous said...

Well, not in math actually, but in classes such as anthropology.