Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pictures from China Trip 2009/10

I finally have some time to sort out and upload my China trip pictures from three months back. As of now I have processed and uploaded half of all my pictures, and I hope I will be done with the rest within two weeks.

Feel free to browse them and leave any comment or criticism for me. Enjoy!

Facebook reader: Please view the slideshow here.


nhang said...

Wow! Your pictures are just amazing! I guess you captured much of your trip well on photos. By the way, what is the average time taken to snap each one and getting them processed?

hhhcce said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

changyang1230 said...

NH: Thanks! For composition I don't usually take that long as I am quite often limited in my travel time. For processing, I can kind of churn out one picture per minute or so, but I usually have a lot more pictures than what I am showing here, so that's why it takes me so long :P

hhhcce: No worries! :)