Friday, May 21, 2010

Hollywood at My Doorstep

I have never thought that one day Hollywood would shoot a movie at my doorstep. Today it happened. I walked out of my house and I was immediately met by a HUGE crew equipped with every piece of cinematography imaginable - huge tents, giant soft box, big-ass cameras, realistic looking props and intimidating security guards who seem to be employed to shout at people who try to shoot the filming set with a big camera. But of course a brave photographer wouldn't give up the rare opportunity just because of some scary-looking security guards. So I present to you, "The Killer Elite" filming featuring Robert De Niro, Jason Statham, Yvonne Strahovski, Clive Owen etc.

EDIT 05/07/2018: This post originally contained a slideshow but it no longer works due to Flickr retiring the feature. Also I have made the photos private.


Tonino Kundjung said...

hey!! im in melbourne as well ! u lucky guy !! i've been looking around where are they shooting, and there they are just near ur place shooting. i'm a big fan of yvonne strahovski, did you happen to see her on the set ? was there many people watching ?

changyang1230 said...

Haha no I don't think I saw Yvonne Strahovski. :P There were about 20 of us watching.

Yong said...

Nice! We've lived in New York City for 3 years, and we've not even had a celebrity sighting.

Tonino Kundjung said...

Really? no blonde 5.9 ft walking around ? hehe, which area is that if may know, i'm a huge fan of yvonne strahovski i'm hope-ing to bump into her and take a picture together..then my life would be

changyang1230 said...

No no blond here. :P

It's Cardigan St, Carlton behind the old Royal Women's Hospital. Right now they stopped filming on the street but I think they are still filming inside the Royal Women's Hospital building, though I doubt the public are allowed access to the set.

parlai said...

Damn, you're lucky! I am crushed, I was at Melbourne Uni while this was happening and I'm a big fan of movies/Yvonne, haha.

I walked down to Queens St which is where they were filming today. It was indoors though, so I just milled around like an idiot. Plus, none of my friends are interested in it so I felt really awkward going by myself, haha! I need to recruit some fellow spotters, lol.

Thanks for the pictures!