Saturday, September 03, 2005

Assignment Over, Exam Comes

First and foremost, I dedicate this message to the owner and the waiters of Bismi restaurant in Brunswick:

One day you will have to learn that there’s always a reason behind people saying “customer is always right”. I am totally disappointed with your lackadaisical attitude, seriously. And not to mention the price of my rice and my roti tissue honey. The severity of your service attitude, if ranked in a scale of 1 to 10, is 9.9.
Okay, that’s the ranting part of my post. Sorry ya, I normally choose not to rant in this public space so as not to spoil people’s appetite, but this particular restaurant really irked me pretty seriously when I had to fork out 12.75 dollars for their appalling attitude and exorbitantly expensive rice and roti. Hehe, so sorry for the personal complaint.

Back to my assignment. Yeah yeah, it’s finally over! After one week of sleepless nights, I have officially finished my assignment when I printed the 2717-word article at 4:03am on Friday. Well, it is not as hard as you might have thought from my description, I wouldn’t do justice to this interesting write-up if you were made to think about it as a tedious assignment. Some people took only 3 days to finish it, but it took me one week of 4-o-clock work. That’s included with my constant slacking and online activies, of course. It’s like that larr, assignment is never the cup of tea for a professional slacker like me. While I was halfway throught the assignment on Tuesday, I could stop halfway to try out the Opera 8.02 for almost half a day. So how productive can I be? Haha...

So, we have finished assignment, and we went for the post-ass dinner in Bismi. No more mentioning it, thank you. Anyway, on your visit to my blog, you might have observed that ticking on the left of this page is the countdown clock to my family visit in Melbourne. They will come to Melbourne to find visit me on 15 September, and that is 2 days after my mid semester exam. I have been waiting eagerly for their visit, as I miss them so much! However, there is this shadow of mid-semester exam looming large behind me, so I have to brave through this two weeks with more revision. 7 week of lectures culminating in 25 MCQ, it’s not an easy task.

Well, that’s all for today. I know it has been nothing but just my daily chronicle and senseless complaints, but this is indeed what I intended to post. If you have read this far, I seriously think that you have wasted your time.. :P haha.. But really thank you for those who have supported my work and my study. I will post about other stuff when I have the writer’s inspiration. See ya!

p/s: Oh ya, forgot to mention this. YB Lim Kit Siang has started his blog a few days ago, and it’s rather interesting. In a few days time, he has garnered hundreds of comments in his posts, such a popularity of blog! You have my bow in admiration. Hope that you have your voice be heard in both political arena and the blogosphere: the land of freedom.


jasmine said...

so,i have been wasting my time by reading your blog eh? heheh. but i thought that's what blogs are about anyway.

all the best for your exams!!

day-dreamer said...

*shocked* An apek like Lim Kit Siang has a blog? Cool! Must check it out... Is it really his or simply an impostor? If that's really original, must give a big round of applause to Uncle Lim, a good role model for adults and maybe, senior citizens!

By the way, to add oil to the fire, roti tisu is sold for a mere RM 0.80 is the shop I dine. Poor you, really kena tok liao! ;-)

Hsiu Yinn said...

hehe, bismi's good, but it really rips a hole in your pocket eh ?

my dad will probably flip if he knows i'm paying that amount for a roti canai/bom..etc

good luck for your exams too ! =)

Anonymous said...

will come "to find me" ^o) **sarcastic smile from MSN messenger**

Hasnt ur lesson of "Do u cook urself?" taught u not to use direct translation?? :S

haha, jz wanna find fault nia.. dun take offence :P

wei liang said...

"Customer is always right". Hmm..I couldn't agree more with you that customer service is of the utmost importance. For me, I wouldn't eat in that restaurant anymore.

Anyway, good luck for your exams!!