Thursday, December 22, 2005

Is Tagging that... errr... fun?

Once upon a time I was tagged, and I tagged someone to keep the game going. I wasn't particularly keen about this game actually.. Just playing along for the sake of fun, haha... But then, as the saying goes, what goes around comes around. So today here I am, hit by the boomerang that flies back on my face. Well, here it goes for those who love me so much... *shameless grins*

How To Tag :
- State who tagged you.
- List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift).
- State the gift you wish to get
- Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog

Tagged by: Day-dreamer

My Santa: Who else except her? :D

Gift for me: An everlasting bliss and love with my loved ones, through thick and thin, in all trials and tribulations.

Who's next: (hate to do this!)
1. Ren Jie (the exams are over now, I guess? :D)
2. Seok Kheng (since you are free for the holidays... )
3. Zhe Jin (to add something non-sentimental to all your sentimental posts!)
4. Wee Loon (haha, someone's in KL too busy horr? :P)

Here we go!! An early Christmas greeting to everyone!


renjie said...

omg, why me??
haha, yeah, just finished my last paper on Dec 21 6pm. Will be heading to Seattle on 22 morning 7am. :p
Hmm, try to complete the tagging before I leave for Seattle, but I can't promise that, cos I've to pack my stuff, and more importantly, fully utilise my FREE time after exams!!! hahahahhaa

Anonymous said...

Sir Jason: Chang Yang, I am sure you are 'quite busy' in KL as well! Anyway, what makes Wee Loon busy in KL? The same reason as you? ;)

day-dreamer said...



brilliant_owl said...

huh...hold on. me need to clarify sth... since when am i busy in kl? same reason as changyang? no no...not correct. me no free free... me in alor star, me not busy in kl...haha!

Eric Fu said...

Hmm... Wee Loon, are you hiding something from us? Or Chang Yang, are you trying to divert the attention to others? Hehe =) Or both?!?!

Seok Kheng said...

Aiks. I just realise this. Since christmas is over, can I...? =P

StanleyYP said...

wee loon no busy in KL?? u no busy i busy ar? busy-busy lar. chang yang n wei yin told me dy lar. dun hide-hide. all the best to ur mission ya....hehe.

rj said...

ok, now i'm curious, hahahahaha
i want to know :p
anyone please tell me!!! muahahahaha