Friday, October 28, 2005

I Was Tagged!

On 16 September 2005, Michelle passed the burning baton to me and I thought, well, let's wait for a while, it doesn't take all that long to write this thing. Arrhh... Time really flies, it has been a month since I first got the saman, and now I think maybe I should actually reply to the tag. So here we go, and beware, your turn is coming soon!

Seven Things I Plan to Do Before I Die

  1. Master a musical instrument.
  2. Save 1000 people from dying.
  3. Establish a harmonius family which I will yearn to return after work everyday.
  4. Master a computer programming language and write a popular freeware.
  5. Understand the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.
  6. Do a reseach on medical field and give a significant contribution.
  7. Become fit.
Seven Things I Can Do
  1. Walk outside Melbourne General Cemetary at midnight. Pretty often. :D (Can't believe I am so proud with it!)
  2. Finish a pack of Smith's Chip in one go.
  3. Stay in front of computer screen for 10 hours.
  4. Pretend that I am confident while I am not.
  5. Be confused about who should get the 20 cents refund when Yong Chin and I return from Queen Victoria Market.
  6. Spread Firefox to my friends like an evangelist.
  7. Produce 3 litres of saliva everyday.
Seven Celebrity Crushes
Not really. I listen to good songs by any artist, I admire their talents, but I don't have a crush on them.

Seven Current/Recent Books
Wait... Does it mean books outside the course and books outside my daily reading? If not, I will have to list down the books on the booksheleves in Brownless Library. :(
  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie(My all time favourite).
  2. Kane and Abel, by Jeffry Archer (the first story book I managed to finish reading in my whole life, courtesy of "anonymous".).
  3. Children's Illustrated Bible
  4. Medical Physiology, by Guyton and Hall (oh no... I seriously don't have a life)
  5. Human Anatomy Atlas, by Frank Netter
  6. I better don't write anymore... am blushing already...
Seven Favourite Food
  1. My mum's Indonesian BBQ Chicken!!
  2. Jawa Mee by either my mum or by a particular stall in Simpang Kuala
  3. Capitan curry chicken
  5. Sultana sweet chicken
  6. Nasi lemak
  7. Everything at home...
Seven Random Facts About Me
  1. 7 is always my lucky number. Hint: siblings, address, birthday etc.
  2. Some people think that I look like a Japanese.
  3. I have never celebrated my birthday in school
  4. I wet my bed until around 10 year old.
  5. I experience sleep paralysis pretty often.
  6. I dance to the music tune at home
  7. I am an agnostic Buddhist.
Seven People I Want to Tag
  1. Winson
  2. Yee Pin
  3. Boon Phiaw
  4. Li Enn
  5. Heng Liang
  6. Eric Fu
  7. Joanne
Huhh... that's it! That's all for today, and there are 9 days left to the exam... :P


StanleyYP said...

arse.....gv me some time...:P

Winson Kang said...


interesting post!

day-dreamer said...

*innocently* Err... can I pretend that I did not come across this post? ;-)

Whoa! Should I feel honoured to be tagged by the he-thinks-he's-not-famous Dr. Yew, or the other way round?

Eric Fu said...

Mou-tin-tin (Cantonese) kena tag...

Alvin Ooi said...

wut does 7 got to do w/ birthday?

hL said...

AAAAAH! *screams* Does tht mean I'm tagged? *acts blur* It says those are the people you want to tag, so it doesn't necessarily mean that I am tagged right? Hehehe.. *puts on mischievous smile*

okla.. tks anyway.. =P

Joanne said...


WHY WHY WHY??? Sheeessshhhh thanks yeah Chang Yang (sarcastic tone). I'll remember that.