Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sales on The Borders

The Borders is giving 20% off for almost all products in the shop! That’s quite a lot, especially for the bargain price books which were already as cheap as 10 dollars before the sales. After school, I went to Safeway to buy some chicken wings and on the way back, I decided to drop by the Borders (which is located in the same shopping complex) to browse around the shelves.

Kiamsiap as usual, I went straight to the bargain section to look for interesting books. Most of the books there are on the subject of crafts, home decoration, cooking, tarot cards which are not really my piece of cake. Then a few books in the corner caught my attention: books about sciences, history, geography, religion. They are all priced at 10 dollars, remember, and if I buy them today, I might save two dollars each, I thought. After much struggling with my inner kiamsiap evil, I finally to give myself a reprieve from my money-saving lifestyle. At the end, I picked up 3.. ya, not one or two, but three books altogether. They are:

  1. World Mythology
  2. The Handy History Answer Book
  3. Children’s Illustrated Bible
Haha... don’t ask me the reason of my sudden interest. I have always wanted to learn more about these topics but somehow I have never kept my interest alive. Well, not to say that my interest has reborn, but somehow my unknown renewed vigour is still burning... :D Let’s see how I fare. I think they will be kept on my bookshelves to collect dust, sharing the same fate with the Lord of the Rings that I bought a few months ago.. Haha..

Time for PBL research!


day-dreamer said...

*shocked* all this while chatting with you and i never knew u are a Christian! I thought u were a Taoist or Buddhist...

youngyew said...

No lar, I am not a Christian, I am just interested to know the book and the religion more... I am an agnostic buddhist (maybe you can call me a free thinker), but I can also read scriptures of other religions marr..

And I personally think that everyone should try to read scriptures of major religions in the world, regardless of their own beliefs. It would help us understand better the people surrounding us and the world itself.

sophisticatedsoul said...

Yeah, strongly agree with you.

I found out quite a lot of interesting things about Christianity through the preparation for my presentation on the "Concept of God in Christianity".

Wonderful indeed.

youngyew said...

Ouhh? You mean presentation in the Ethics class in UiTM? The project in which you lost your file in the last minute?