Friday, August 19, 2005

2 Year Blogging Anniversary

Today, the 19th of August is the second anniversary of My Little Moments!

Some people may ask, "What? I thought you have just started recently..." Well, technically, I have only been blogging actively for 8 months, but My Little Moments has existed for a much longer time rather obscurely. I registered a blogger account in August 19, 2003 when I was back in Shah Alam out of the curiosity and kiasuim... you know, when the whole world was talking about "blog", I just could not resist jumping on the bandwagon too.

In 2003 and 2004, I was rather busy with the academic life in Shah Alam, and I did not have the access to the Internet in my hostel. So I had almost forgotten the existence of my blog during the long gap. When I finished my AUSMAT course, I sprang to life in cyberspace again, and since then, I have been chronicling my life faithfully in this little corner of mine. As time slips by, I have been posting from Alor Star, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne; I have been recording my Birthday, Chinese New Year [1,2,3,4,5,6], and anniversary in Melbourne; I talked about topics ranging from photography, mathematics, learning skills, jokes [1,2,3], to meaningful articles, ReCom posts, comment in other famous blog, and seeing cadavers. The most important of all, I shared all my little moments, be it forlorn, elated or bland.

To put it in numbers, for the past two years, I have written 113 posts (111 of which posted in the last 8 months) which have received 309 comments. Today, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone. Whether you have just dropped by, whether you have left your comment, whether you found my blog interesting or not, you are the ones who make this blog possible. Your footprints here mean a lot to me, because it's you who make up my little moments!

I hope to see you in many days to come. Happy birthday, My Little Moments...


profmich said...

I'm the first to comment ;-)

Congratulations for being in the blogging community for 2 years. We bloggers shall triumph!!! Muahahhahahahhaha.

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!

Eric Fu said...

This post reminds me the Star Special Edition whenever there is an anniversary.

Good job, Chang Yang! Keep it up! Hail to bloggers!

Alvin Ooi said...

I dun like Kenny Sia. He tires to hard to be funny.

klu_cha said...

2 years... :-0

day-dreamer said...

come on, let's sing together!

Happy blogday to you
Happy blogday to you
Happy blogday to blogger CY,
Happy birthday to your blog!

*sorry for the lame lyrics. I was never a good singer, lyricist and composer. ke ke ke... Hope the thought counts! ;-)

Hsiu Yinn said...

hello! remember me or not ? hehe. nice blog..saw your blog "advertisement" on msn. can link u ah ? i also got blog


youngyew said...

Thanks you everyone!! And particularly to Hsiu Yinn and klu_cha, welcome to my blog! :D