Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Day of Three's

It's already three months since I came to Melbourne. Quiet, hushed, unuttered. Nobody remembers it as they dwell deep in the realm of books, preparing for the impending Judgement day. No more barbeque, Chinatown or birthday party. Study.

Three months in Melbourne, three weeks to go from the third holidays in 2005, three days before the coming weekend, three more past year papers to be done, three new bottles of carbonated drinks.

It's three today.


Alvin Ooi said...

ello..si beh bo eng la..tiuzz. wei, since when u change writing style?

youngyew said...

Mai luan luan meh chao ua, Alvin...

Haha, I have never changed writing style ar, it's as boring as it has always been. :-D

Do you notice that I always post on the blog whenever it comes to the monthly anniversary? Wonder if it shows something.