Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ups and Downs

Growing up as a little innocent child, all my life people have always been telling me, life is not a bed of roses, there must be ups and downs that make your life a ride of joy. I have always taken this with a little bit more than a pinch of salt, I don't doubt it but somehow its real implication has just never dawned upon me. You know... eluding the real life in a real world.

Everything was alright until a week like this. It seemed to me that every single piece of life I have painstakingly assembled in Melbourne came tumbling down on me in a few days. An event after another, a mediocre performance in a medical interview coupled with an unfathomable friendship crisis, life in Melbourne has never been more cruel to me. As if everything is not stressful enough, as a committee of International Medical Students' Society, Jian Wey and I were told to design a poster for a pancake lunch, in one day's time! Luckily we have been working hand-in-hand and we managed to struggle through the mammoth task of first graphics design in our lives. I was so lucky to have him as a partner, at least I didn't give way to this final strike of the grim life. Thanks a lot my pal. You wouldn't know how appreciated your help was.

This is the final poster we made for the pancake event. Luckily the time that we dawdled on photoshop editing throughout the year in Shah Alam, has finally paid off in this job. Scanning the logo of the sponsors, making a white background transparent, adjusting the contrast and the colour, all these jobs would have been impossible without the mentoring of the great photoshop guru Cheok Quen. Today I come to learn that not everything we do in our free time sum up to nothing. We shall always reap what we sow, and the seeds that people tend to overlook is not always a bad one. It does pay off.

Rambling in a blog is not a good means of catharsis, neither is languishing in bad thoughts... I shall remain steadfast on my belief and stand strong. I don't want to wake up everyday feeling distraught by an unsolved puzzle.

And my friend, talk to me. You can't take that away from me - my sincerity.


Anonymous said...

'It seemed to me that every single pieces of life I have painstakingly assembled in Melbourne came tumbling down on me in a few days.'
Too exaggerated. Don't worry about OSCE, it's not anything important at all. Friendship crisis? Jian Wey is there at least:)

Max Lee said...

I suggest you use a very suitable program for posters and flyers; it is called Microsoft Office Publisher. It is make for people to design flyers, cover for books, posters and such. Publisher has easy to use features, better than Photoshop in term of designing poster and flyer. Try it out, my club has been using this to design all our flyers and it works perfectly (and fast too)

All the best, dun get strees out, life always has its up and down.

youngyew said...

Thanks a lot for your supports, Jian Wey and Max!

Max: Yeah, I used Publisher for the poster, but the final product was kind of sketchy cause it was basically three to four hour's work, and it's only a small scale thing. The photoshop I used was to modify the logos of our sponsors, and I found it a second nature since I used to fool around with it when my friend was around. :-D

Max Lee said...


Anonymous said...

yea....'It seemed to me that every single pieces of life I have painstakingly assembled in Melbourne came tumbling down on me in a few days.'...
sounds scary.....u ok??


youngyew said...

No.. it was actually an emotional turmoil. The problem still persists, but I learnt to look at the brighter side. I am alright bro.

hyypia said...

juz a try..