Thursday, February 10, 2005

First Day in Rooster Year

This morning I woke up quite late... In fact, VERY LATE. 10.30 am to be exact. The very first moment I regained my full consciousness, the phlegm inside my throat icked me with such obnoxity. Darn, such a bad start for my new year! Have I mentioned that I got a good scold from my mum? haha...

During day time there wasn't any particular activity. For once, I didn't go to any relative's house. Since I was born, my family will only go on visting from the second day on. So for the whole day we just sat in the living room and "enjoyed" the television special programmes together. Well, enjoy was such a overstatement for our TV stations. I am a bit disappointed that our televisions are such misers in paying for the latest movies or programs, most of them only dished out movies which dated back to 1992.. (for those who know about it, 家有喜事?!) Hmm. Well. Speechless. Probably we are still a young and developing country. Forget about Petronas Twin Tower. We are not THAT rich yet.

Anyway, amongst all those boring programmes, there was a surprise - Eric called me from the United States, for almost half an hour! I was so touched by his dear call, and at the same time embarrassed because he is the one who's spending time overseas with exams on Chinese New Year, NOT ME. Hmm.. We really had a good chat, and if not because of another call we could have continued for hours... Yup, it's really something I cherish, and now I understand the meaning of Chinese New Year. Without reunion and reinforced ties, the most glorious celebration of all would have been rendered meaningless. Thanks a lot, Eric! Your call worthed more than the call rate you would have enumerated.

Moving on to the night, it's the REAL fun - fireworks! Well, for me, it's time for some great shots... well, passion dies hard. =)

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Fireworks in front of my house.

After some awesome fireworks, another more entertaining programs is in stock - seeing my 10-month-old niece with her routine crawling and stair-climbing! Oh gosh, she is so cute when she moves on this her cushy steps... Some weird thoughts started running across me, I started thinking of Jack Jack in Mr. Incredible. Remember the climax? haha...

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Baby, you are on Candid Camera!

That's my brief account of first day in Rooster Year. See you then!


Anonymous said...

hey dude!Well, i have dutifully viewed ur latest blog about the chinese new year and frankly speaking i found it very interesting to read.And the photo as well,they are just so captivating,especially the photo of the little baby,so freaking cute man!!!By the way, tel u wat,not only am i speaking that ur blog is exceptional,but also the friends of my brother.This is because when i viewed the blog,my brother's friends were also besides me..and one of them is LEE JIH this guy was in the same class with yew yih chian and yew ting ting in the year 1998.try to ask ur sis and see.He said that ur blog is kind of very good and i think that he was impressed..haha...are u feeling happy now??sure!well,keep up the good work and will be back soon!

youngyew said...

I believe that you are Winson?

Thanks a lot for your encouragement! I thought that the descriptions were badly written. You know lar, I was never good at English writing (seriously, by my own standard), not to mention descriptive piece. It was a sheer luck that the aesthetic writing component in my English paper didn't kill me in AUSMAT!

Well, last time I thought that the blog would be my "chicken dropping heat", but now I think I would keep it up in the future. It's such a good idea to keep me connected to all my friends around the world. Forget about the e-mail, now I can let everyone know my most recent conditions and whereabouts. Feelings? Probably. I know I have written very little about it, but that's due to privacy reasons. Sorry about that.

Blog rocks!