Friday, February 25, 2005

I am in Melbourne!

Hello everyone who cares:

This is going to be very short, because I don't have my own internet connection yet, and I am using an internet access in my residence area, and it is very expensive!

So for this update, I am only going to give some of my important contact details, as I promised.

Update: Mobile phone number removed.
Update: House phone number: 03- 93458295

Note:1. if calling from outside Australia, please call [mobile phone number removed].

2. Please observe the time difference. (haha, I don't look forward to receiving calls at 4 am, okay?) From now until the last Sunday of March, Melbourne is running daylight saving time which is equivalent to GMT +11. In other words, it's 3 hours ahead of Malaysian time. After that, it would be GMT +10 or 2 hours ahead of Malaysian time.

3. House phone will normally be engaged since I am using dial up for the internet connection. Therefore please call me between 7 to 9 pm Melbourne time (when I would normally be cooking) to get through. Otherwise, please contact me thru mobile phone and I will disconnect from the Internet to allow the landline usage. Thank you.

Update: This section is no longer valid as of year 2007.

Postal Address: [Censored due to privacy concerns. Contact me via e-mails]

For those in Australia, I am using Optus prepaid, so no excuses for not calling me ya! :-D

I will update all of you the next time!


Ren Jie said...

Chang Yang, this is really nice to know that you reached there safely. Hmm, chat with you when you've settled down everything lar. Try to enjoy~ Don't let those sad things bother you.
Take care oh.

Woody said...

Greetings Chang Yang, from Northern Minnesota USA. Just checking in and seeing how it's going.

day-dreamer said...

hello hello!

glad u arrived safe and sound...

mind explaining what is 'daylight saving time' to your stupid friend (me)? i really feel like katak lah...

profmich said...

I believe that it is 570 Lygon St.? 530 are those government apartments beside College Square.

Correct me if I'm wrong. But my mails reach me alright.

youngyew said...

Woody: I am feeling well, thanks for the concern!

Ren Jie: Thanks for all your support.

Day-dreamer: Google for it for some explanation larr.. Sorry I don't have time right now to explain it here.

Prof Mich: Thanks for pointing out the error. I have already corrected it.