Monday, February 14, 2005

Ouch! Hurtful Valentines

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOuch! I never knew scaling was soO~ painful... Thought of enjoying a teeth-cleaning, but ended up with bloody and foaming mouth. Haha! The drilling machine worked its way mercilessly in my mouth cavity, probing into every single crack and cleavage between my teeth. Well worth the 45 ringgit for a good dose of pain.

By the way, Alvin, a friend of mine has just set up his blog (what lies ahead...) to update his friends about his latest news in the future. To read other friends' blog of mine just scroll to my blogroll on the sidebar and click on one of the links under "friends" section.

Blogging is getting more both serious and trivial at the same time. Although many have voiced their concern about the intrusion of privacy, I like the idea of sharing thoughts and ideas, one to million. Ranting and grumbling should be avoided by all means, because a public blog like this one can never be kept secret from my mum.

Image courtesy of Flamingos are so cute and romantic!


Alvin Ooi said...

Thx for all the help!