Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fourth Day CNY Report

At last I found out a brighter side of getting sick for the fifth consecutive day on the CNY - there's not so much food intake that would normally bloat me during CNY! That is what I found when I only went for 2 rounds of food during the buffet...

Well, let me get things in chronological order. Early in the morning, I virtually dragged myself out of the bed when the annoying alarm started to buzz. And also my mum's more annoying nagging me to get out from the bed. My friends appointed to visit me at 10 am, but at 10 am what was I doing? Still sleeping.. haha.. That's no other than me.

Those who visited me were Yee Pin, Winson, Zaai Yee and Sze Wen. I remember those days in Form 3 when we used to have senseless debates and daily bantering, and today it is such a wonderful memory for me. Now separated for years, although I only keep in close contact with Yee Pin and Winson, but when all of us met again, the camaraderie was still heartfelt. However, for today I was a bit bad to be a little bit hostile. I didn't talk much and give much attention to them. Blame it on "morning blue" and my sorethroat. I just can't bear to torture my voice cord inhumanely.

After getting angpow, these friends pretended to stay a little bit longer so that people won't feel that they don't come for angpow.. haha, admit it, we all stay for a very short while after angpow, if not people would think that we have come just for the sake of money. :-D Well, after leaving my house, we went for lunch while Sze Wen and Zaai Yee parted with us.

For the afternoon, we visited 2 teachers namely Ms Khoo Suat Fei who taught us English in form 3 and Ms Ooi Theng Theng who was our chemistry tuition teacher in form 4 and 5. Truth to be told, it's such an enriching experience to pay a visit to the teachers, for they would greet us so hospitably and treat us on equal terms as an ex-student. Talking to them about our juniors, education system, school administration, our future goals, and even street gossips is simply superb. Teachers are all good chatting partners I would say. Sad that my battery ran flat for the afternoon session, so I missed the chance to take pictures with them.

At night it was another big event - my form 5 class reunion dinner. Out of 45 classmates, around 30 attended to the event held at the Riverland Restaurant in Star Parade. So what's the observation? For me, two years didn't produce magic on most of the friends while some metamorphosed into different persons. We had a buffet dinner which was fairly inexpensive but you would expect, the food quantity was also meagre. Throughout the three hours there, all of us had had the chance to exchange the newest news and updates about each other's "status". Well, one of the girls who was rumoured to have an affair with another friend in my school got teased incessantly throughout. I guess she must have regretted coming for the dinner. But it was fun! Haha.. Just hope that she doesn't get upset with our little trick at the expense of her.

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I and 5 of the St. John friends who happened to become my classmates in 5A2

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A good memory for everyone who attended the night. Thanks a thousand to Jason who organized it painstakingly! Your efforts have been really worthwhile and I appreciate it.


Woody said...

Thank you for this interesting series of looks into your celebration of CNY. I hope your sickness gets better.

Anonymous said...

Anytime~! :)

Jason Lau