Monday, February 14, 2005

Face The Music

After all the frenzy celebration of CNY, it's now time to move back to everyone's home - reality. Well, it means that I will be busy packing at home, and that implies a lot of works...

I will still be around, and the flight to Melbourne is slated to take off at 9.30pm, 23rd of February at KL International Airport. Counting, counting, counting.. I should not be blogging. Time to work.

Music of the moment: Leaving on A Jet Plane.

p/s: And before I forget, Happy Valentine's Day! I have a date too. With my dentist for scaling.


Anonymous said...

Chang Yang...11 more days to go before you fly off!!! Hmm, now you must be really busy with packing and double-checking your luggage, right? Happy packing~
Soon enough, now it's your time to leave Malaysia...sorry that we can't send you off, like what you did to us a few months ago, but...but, I'll wish you luck and all the best to you!!!

youngyew said...

Ren Jie? Can you please kindly choose "other" and put your name when you comment, so that I can recognize you? Thanks! hehe..

Anyway, I am busy with "computer packing" now.. Just finished with my 10CD's collection of musics, and today I will continue with softwares, pictures and my documents. Oh gosh, it is so tiring.