Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Second Day Of The Rooster Year

Today is my "annual visit" to my eldest maternal uncle's house in Sungai Limau. Tucked tamely among the vast expanse of paddy fields, it was my grandparents' abode before they passed away.

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Outside the house in the kampong.

Hmm. Till now. Tired for further report. Just had an argument with my friend, not in a good mood to write an account for the occasion. I sign off with this little note.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I really like the chinese new year songs. They make my room more festive-like, haha, at least, by listening to them, I can really feel that new year has come. :p
Yeah, finally I've finished all my midterms. But....they are really "big" red packets to me, I don't think I can do well, as the questions are kind of crazy...and the exam policies differ a bit in my class... Don't know ler~
Now is really my time to enjoy the year of rooster, and I hope you are enjoying too. Cheers!

Rambling Rose Cottage said...

I stumbled upon your blog. Very sweet. Thank you for sharing your little moments.