Saturday, February 12, 2005

Third Day In The Rooster Year

Still having a severe sorethroat and I cough every so often that I almost scared away my friends.

The third day of Chinese New Year celebration, today is the unofficial "Friends Visit Day". Well, when I say unofficial, it's really not something stipulated by the culture of the tradition of the Chinese New Year itself. But somehow years after years, we have developed a kind of arrangement that the first day of CNY is reserved for the closest family, the second day is for the married women to return to their parents' house, and from the third day onwards is for unmarried lads and girls to get angpow (red packets) from others! The best time of the year for gathering as we seldom have the chance to meet.

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The best time of the year,
when everyone comes home.
With all the New Year cheers,
it's hard to be alone.
I guess that Choy San's busy,
cause he's never come around.
I think of you,
when New Year comes to town... "

Till now. Briefly put, today = 2 friends' house, 2 teacher's house, 1 karaoke singing session, 2 teatime. What a day!

Looking forward for more tomorrow. Sick, but still excited.


Anonymous said...

I think you really cherish the moments spent together with friends and family. I am a bit envious actually, haha, as I just have chance to celebrate my chinese new year on the third day, with fellow Malaysians.
Hmm,we had a potluck just now. 2-3 people shared a dish, and there were quite a lot of dishes, but mostly ordered dishes. Some of the seniors cooked "bak kut teh" and "tu ka cho", which tasted really nice and so "Malaysian". These two dishes should be appreciated, as it was my first time tasting them since I am in the states. And indeed, we finished them just in a wink.
Anyway, I am trying to enjoy the new year in a foreign land, and I hope you continue to enjoy your 4th, 5th...days of CNY, and keep updating your blog. =) Take good care of yourself, drink much water!!

Ren Jie~

youngyew said...

Ren Jie, you can put your name by selecting "Other" when you post the comments..

I am so happy that you can still have the potluck there with your friends hometown. Who were the 3 people? You must have been totally filled ya? :-D

So how was exams? Last time you said that it was very hard, hmm, so it was out of your expectation? Did you manage to pass them? Hope to hear more from you!

See you.

day-dreamer said...

hallo doctor!

wahlau! doctor also can fall sick one ah?

yam kong loh !!! on Chinese New Year somemore!!!

pity u, how to enjoy this festive season like that? this cannot eat, that cannot take... but one thing u can take is MEDICINE!!! ha ha ha! (do i sound very bad/naughty here? ha ha, can't help it! :P )

anyway, do take good care. drinks lots and lots of water... and keep in touch!

Winson Kang said...

hey man...that's really good!Frankly speaking i am kinda like attracted to ur blog rite now..especially when u try to use a song from polar express and put ur own words in it!!When i read through that part,i am kinda like not reading it but singing it in my heart..can u believe it?However, regarding the fourth day of the cny, u seem to have forgotten a very important part,in fact,VERY important part,i.e the part when we went all the way to taman pulasan and were disappointed..However, i personally think that although we were disappointed, but it was still worth remembering!Correct??hehe..

youngyew said...

In case anyone misunderstands, Taman Pulasan is not a gorgeous girl's place or a filthy place. It's just the residence of Winson's "idol".


Eric Fu said...

Wassup with Taman Pulasan? By the way, the guy in Taman Pulasan personally told me that he is planning to move. Have he moved? I am just curious.

youngyew said...

You are being biased with the word "the guy".. haha..

Anyway, Mr. Ong hasn't moved yet. He was not in when we arrived at his house.