Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sorry Everyone!

I am sorry that I have not been able to keep up with this blog recently. I just realized that how good a procrastinator I can be...

In fact I have been able to access to the Internet for the past few days, and I have returned from my KL trip on 28th January. I was just immersed in some other things in my daily life, from writing Chinese New Year cards to buying new clothes, from burning CDs to reorganizing my harddisk contents, and most importantly, keeping up contact with old time friends!

So basically here is a brief report of what I have been doing since I last blogged:

1. I went to Kuala Lumpur on the 21st, had a 2-day tour with Winson, Yee Pin and Jason Lau. We visited KL city centre, the tower bridge of KLCC, sang karaoke in Red Box, and tried out the advanced toilet in Mandarin Oriental hotel. (forgive me if it sounds stupid... after all, we are all 20!) For more info visit my photo gallery on flickr.

2. There were 2 briefings held in Kuala Lumpur. The first one was organized by the University of Melbourne, the venue of which was in Pan Pacific Glenmarie, Shah Alam. It was on January 23. The second one was on January 27th, a briefing by my sponsor, Public Service Department of Malaysia.

3. I paid a fantastic visit to Jitra, the place I grew up in. It was truly a marvelous experience, the feeling of having chitchat with my old friend (Jenny) was simply soul-rewarding. It helped soothe my bad mood recently.

4. I got very addicted to ReCom forum. I posted my message mainly on the "God, Bible and ..." thread.

5. I will be packing my luggage. Trying my best to fit 30kg of my personal stuff into the baggage. Sigh, the limit of 30 kg set by the airlines is simply not enough, considering the medical books I need to bring there.

6. I received a few complaints about my passing interest in blogging. One even said, "Now I know you lose interest very easily." Haha, she kind of gave me the impetus to write this.

Till now. I hope that I can update with the Chinese New Year festival really really soon. It's going to be a big reunion in my family, and I look forward to my 6 sibling's homecoming!

Kong Hey Fat Choy!


Anonymous said...

Chang Yang, wish you a happy and prosperous chinese new year!!!
Darn, I miss everyone back home sooo much...*sob*sob* Miss you too~ :p haha..
Have a nice reunion with family and friends before you fly to Australia!!!

-Ren Jie-

day-dreamer said...

hello doctor!

so nice to see u updating your blog again, it was such a long wait...

u burn CD??? so unexpected, ha ha! but i guess that's what most 'tech-people' do nowadays... ;)

"Advanced toilet in Mandarin Oriental Hotel"? hmm... interesting! how advanced? auto-flush?

anyway, have fun packing your luggage! and a very Happy Chinese New Year to u! don't forget to drop by my blog when you're in australia!!! ;)

youngyew said...

Thanks for your comments, Ren Jie and Li Enn!

Ren Jie, although it might feel melancholic to spend ur lunar new year in US, what more to have exams on the same day, but I think it would become a precious experience which you would savour in the future. Enjoy your first CNY overseas! and make sure you STILL enjoy the new year. Normally it heralds the reunion with families, but you can also celebrate it with alternative measures. Reunite with your friends, dude!

Li Enn, yes, I will burn all my pictures (7 Gigs to date) and my music (9 gigs to date). My laptop simply can't contain all of them!

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! I will try to update my blog after this glorious event.

Woody said...

It's good to see you back, I stop by here every so often. Xinnian kuaile! (The new type of romanization has ruined typing Mandarin for me.)

youngyew said...

Woody, thanks for coming back! Wish you brave through the freezing weather there in Minnosta!

Anyway, you know chinese writing? COol!

Woody said...

I learned to speak and understand Mandarin while I was in the United States Air Force about 35 years ago. As for writing the characters, I can figure out a few of the simple ones but that's about all.

The Romanization (english style lettering) we used was called the "Yale Method" and we also used "Wade Giles." However, the new style, I think it's called Pin Yin (correct me here please if I'm wrong), forced me to buy yiben xiao cidian (a small dictionary)