Thursday, March 03, 2005

If You Are In Malaysia...

... then don't miss call me.

I really feel very warm whenever I get a miss call from Malaysia, but please don't do so in the future. The reason: I don't get to see the number at all! What I see on the screen is simply "No Number", so there's no way I can identify the caller.

As a record, it's 1.46 am in Australia now and I am going to bed really soon. It's been very cold and culturally inspiring (or should I say daunting?) for me in Melbourne. Medicine course has been as hectic as I have expected, and I guess I need some time to adapt to it. You know, sometimes I wish I can learn all those Golgi apparatus and homeostasis in a night's time... Hmm...

I promise that I will update the blog in this weekend with all my feelings and experience so far in Melbourne. 3 days have passed so far, and I am already looking forward to the weekend. :-) See ya!