Tuesday, March 22, 2005

[ReCom.org] Lots of A1s, does it show anything?

gal_flower wrote:

But can we say that there's something wrong with the students pursuing more and more A1s? It's a rat race now...and everyone needs to fight to be more outstanding than the other. Is it their fault for choosing to take on more subjects, or is it the society's fault? Think about that. Or maybe, just maybe, the student chooses to do more subjects to challenge herself ( Razz I choose the female gender) or to explore her abilities? Think about that. Those who take on more subjects are in a way putting themselves in a risk that may be costly. I'm not saying that their efforts are entirely admirable that I can just ignore the rest who also scored straight A1s but less number of the A1s or those who did well but just didn't score straight A1s or those who just faltered at SPM but are indeed smart as anything else. But this is how our education system and our society works. We ALL know THAT. It IS luck sometimes.

youngyew wrote:

I never blamed those students whose reason to take up more subjects is to "beat the others". If this is the reason, then it's not their fault as they are the victims themselves.

What I am lobbying by my previous articles is to remedy the whole system, instead of criticising those who took the subjects. People react to the external environmental change (sorry but I am taking biochemistry at the moment.. Wink ), so when stress is exerted by the external factor, they have to swim or sink. However, what we really need to react is to correct the system, not asking those students to stop taking more and more subjects to out-smart others. It concerns their own survival.