Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I Am Sorry, But...

Ya ya, I know that I have not been updating the blog for years and people are so disappointed and turned blank eyes on my determination in blogging by now~

The fact is, I have been studying and doing daily stuff (gosh, cooking alone takes up one and a half hour per day) throughout the weekdays. For both Saturdays, I have been going to the city, the first one for grocery shopping and the second one for Moomba Festival. What happens to the Saturdays then? Well, by Saturday I would have felt so remorseful for wasting my time, so instead of updating my blog, I would just plough through the lecture notes which have been piling up throughout the week... Hmm.. Did I provide enough reasons for not updating the blog? :-P

The other reason is that I haven't got the chance to upload all the pictures here. As I have mentioned in the previous post, I am using dial-up connection in my apartment so I planned to upload the pictures in the computer labs. But I stil haven't got the time and initiative to do so, and you know, without the pictures, I can't really do much with my poor descriptive skills...

Therefore, I think instead of letting these "blog debts" accumulate as much as my study debts, I should continue with my intermittent rambling and at the mean time upload the pictures when I have the chance to do so. So keep your fingers crossed ya!