Friday, March 04, 2005

Bad Start at Melbourne (Part 1)

Note: I will add pictures to this post when I have access to a fast internet connection. It's near impossible to do so with my snail-like dial up connection.

Hello world, G'day from Melbourne!! This is the first "serious" and "in-depth" post from the down under, the so-called world's most livable city, behold ya... Hmm.. I have promised to have a serious update, so here it is.

After a week of hustling and bustling setup, finally I have settled down in my little abode in College Square, a place I would call home for the coming 9 months. But you know, it wasn't exactly something I would call a perfect start. Far from it. I bet you could never have a worse start to a new life like the one I had!

I lost my wallet, had only 1 hour of sleep during the night flight, and have been feeling lethargic for one whole week! Gosh, is it the harbinger of the life I am going to face throughout 6 years in Melbourne?

Hmmmm.. can I start from the days prior to my departure? I stayed in KL since the 18th, and in 4 days I went to KL International Airport thrice (including my own departure) to


Woody said...

G'day YoungYew I just stopped by to see what was going on, hope your stay gets better.

Alvin Ooi said...

1 hour pf sleep??!!!!!! Ah, did i tell you I couldnt sleep at all? Damn Nitendo.

Winson Kang said...

U lost ur wallet??Was there any money inside??So sad!!By the way, i thought the flight to melbourne took about 8 hours ,how come u just slept for one hour?

day-dreamer said...

wah!!! so suei ah, you? i pity u lah... as an 'anak dagang', you shall just have to be patient, patient and patient!

i'm sure you're luck will do a turn for a good, so wait for it!

GOOD LUCK and pray hard!

Ren Jie said...

Chang Yang, don't worry too much. I believe all the "suey"-ness will soon be replaced by good luck. :-)
I know you are very busy, but remember to keep your blog updated; this might be another way to help us stay in contact. =)

Anonymous said...

ooo..u dint tell me that u lost ur kesian...u slept only for an hour becoz u found out that u lost ur wallet, n kept saying shit, shit, shit, x1000...(that's ur immediate reaction everytime u couldnt find something important)...

okok..seriously....u did bring some travel cheques rite? so how? was it stolen or u dropped it somewhere?

oh well....evrything will b alrite...perhaps u need sometime to settle down.....come on, u r in melbourne, so many chinese thre...the 'cultural shock' shouldnt b so serious...u always do well.( or rather...the best!!??) ervytime after u r adapted to the situation & environment.

if u feel that u r under immense pressure..think of ur frens in malaysia...perhaps u will feel better...hehehe

hm....pray for gd care of urself...