Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Random Question

I wanted to talk about my interesting hospital tutorial today but I don’t think I can afford the time. I need to sleep as soon as I finish with this.

So, just a random question that I stumbled upon in a comment in Slashdot:

When you are using a computer, have you ever looked at your watch / wall clock or even asked your friend for time? In other words, you turn to other sources of time-telling and forget the lower right corner of the desktop completely? If yes, how frequent is that?
It shows something. Over-exposure sometimes means zero exposure.

Off to dreams.

Fresh stuff today: Google Desktop Search 2.0, Google Talk, and some interesting knowledge about gastrointestinal signs and symptoms.


day-dreamer said...

Yes, I'd have to say that I do look at the computer clock or the clock next to my monitor from time to time. So what does that mean?

youngyew said...

Ermm.. I actually wanted to say “to look at the watch / clock at the wall / ask from friends”

day-dreamer said...

Ah... finally I get what you're trying to point out!

I remember that there is a clock display on the screen...

*sheikyan* said...

huh??so wat is ur point leh? u shd noe by noe that i'm SLOW... :(

Seok Kheng said...

Hmm... I'm used to look at the computer clock. So what does that mean?

youngyew said...

day-dreamer: Arggh... my English is so bad. :(

sheikyan: ErrH? What looking at computer screen has got to do with slowness?

Seok Kheng: You are out of the group then. I noticed that a lot of people do forget about the existence of the clock on the computer. :D

I am just trying to say that when things are getting too exposed all the time, they tend to lose their intended function as people tend to overlook things that are always there. It's just like some people do take as granted other's kindness and helps, when it's always there.