Monday, August 08, 2005

See you in Cambridge, Bro!

It came as a great surprise today–Yee Pin got straight A in A-levels and is guaranteed for the admission to Cambridge for law studies!! Well, for those who don’t know Yee Pin, he’s my “bro” (non-biological one though), otherwise known as “Tan Sri Tan” in my chatterbox, and since years ago he has been my best confidant for almost every single topic in this world!

You know, I was simply on the top of the world when I got his message! Just ask Xuan Ni, Gracie or Chong Chyn who were with me at that time. Haha, they must have thought I got some kind of love message when I read the message from Yee Pin. :D

Well, here goes my personal message:

Bro, wish you all the best in your studies... I have never dreamt of us getting that far apart in two different continents of the Earth, and now, the 5 minutes walk separation we have expected is amplified to 15 hours’ flight. However, distance notwithstanding, deep within I still believe in our common desire to be the best in our life, the passion we have always been sharing since we have become close to each other. I know you are going to become a conscientious lawyer in the future; and here I am, dedicated to giving the best to my career too. Do your best, always remember to beat yourself, not the others!

I believe it’s going to be hard when you hit your studies (actually I couldn’t imagine how law students manage their studies at all!), but then, before I end, let’s recite our familiar verses of Mencius... I believe it will always help.

Let’s keep it in mind!

p/s: Just got another news... Jason who’s my childhood friend has got a pretty good result too!! (not sure whether he would be happy to reveal his result here though, so I shall not disclose it) He’s going to Nottingham to study law although he’s still appealing for Warwick. You know what Chin Yaw, I am not sure if you are satisfied with your result (I know you have very high demand of yourself, so you might not be happy with your result yet), but once you get enrolled in the Law course, I am confident that you will do very well because you have got your unbeaten passion for it. So I know you are one step closer to your grand dream, and seriously I think we shall meet up somewhere in Downing Street to discuss your future property location.. :D

Good luck mates. With you guy’s enrolment, it’s pretty much the end of the secondary studies for every single person in our batch. We are all university students now!


Winson Kang said...

Love it! Totally love it! Yeah, i guess i was just like you, when i got the news from the cambridge damn good and happy and also proud with him. Wow, it is kinda cool, you know, the four of us, you, me, chin yaw, and the cambridge boy are ' spread' in all parts of the globe. :-)

Muahaha...tell you what, basically i got the news when i was in the middle of lecture, and then after that, i dun have the mood to follow the lecture anymore. It was just introduction anyway. the happy feeling just kinda overwhelmed me ..... Well, yee pin, in case you see my comment here at chang yang's blog, i will be posting a post all about you and chin yaw tomolo coz now it's kinda late already..Just came back from the National day celebration in Singapore..well, i am so so happy for you and all thevery best for you in all ur future undertakings in England.

Anonymous said...

yangggggggg.......geli lar....ppl would think that we are gay lar.....hahhahahahah.....(like wat ur sister did..haha)

er....thx for the introduction...n thx winson for the wishes......i think u guys are much more happier than me........suddenly i feel so great having u guys around....yes, xuanni told me how excited u were....juz like how i went on telling everyone during my trip in JB when u told me that u got 99.9.....

Im worrying now though...for whether i would b getting frens thre,...for whether i would cope well.....but im really afraid of being lonely in the majority-mat wat u can do more often....n share my prob online......

Best Regards...
ur non-biological bro...hahaha...


Anonymous said...

btw ...can u display a pic in which i look better??......hai...hehe...:)


youngyew said...

Haha, Winson, spread all over on Earth? :D What a good way to say it!

Yee Pin, maybe we are happier than you because you expected it more than we did. Haha... Mat Salleh are not that scary larr, you will always be on par, if not better than them. Just remember to take the chance to brush up your skills, and also learn valuable lessons of life when you are overseas. Sad that I won’t be able to see you again in a year or two...

By the way, next time when you leave a comment here, you don’t have to choose anonymous and type your name in the post itself. Just choose “other” and then type your name in there... It would be more convenient.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything! I am fine and i don't mind ppl knowing my result. ABB, a pretty good result which i am satisfied. I know how much effort that i have put and tat's it! It'd shown! ( but still, i am shocked with my law paper ) But it's over...just be more hardworking and achieve better in unis.

Ur childhood friend,

P/s : I have chosen mayfair for my mansion. ( hey, i am not that happy as my name was mentioned in postcript )

Alvin Ooi said...

Allow me to congratulate you guys. Damn damn keng. Dun worry Stanley, u look better than CY in that picture. He's so fake as usual.

StanleyYP said...

hahaahaahhha......alvin has taste....i shall trust u .......hheheh.....:)

day-dreamer said...

walau eh, youngyew!

your blog has become a rendezvous for people from all walks of life, all kinds of profession: doctors, lawyers, scientist... and not to mention, stupid students like me!

keep it up, and congrats to all of them mentioned in this post!

Winson Kang said...

yaya....i couldn't agree more with Alvin. Chang yang is as fake as usual..nice way of saying is totally apt!