Friday, August 26, 2005

HP Nightmare

You may or may not have noticed that I have been blogging less frequently in recent days. PBL apart, I have been troubled by my procrastination talent again–I haven’t started my HP essay assignment writing, and it’s going to be due on next Friday! Well, I do realise what a wonderful worker I am... Just hope that my future employers-to-be are not going to check my blog and find out this article as a self testimony about my laziness.

And I have ranted way too much, at the same time. Time to go back to my reading and writing, and very probably I won’t be writing anything here until next friday. Wish me luck in my assignment!

p/s: The HP assignment is a continuous prose writing which consist of no more than 2500 words. We have been told about the assignment early in this semester but hardworking as Chang Yang, I have not been doing anything for the past 6 weeks and now I finally face the music. We had 4 questions to choose from, and those questions concern ethical and medical issues that we have learnt in the previous lectures. The question I chose is as follows:
What is social stigma? And why is an awareness of it so important in medical practice?
Any comments? :D


Winson Kang said...

Hmm....i understand your situation. As Khoo Cheng Gaik said, procrastination is the devil's workshop.Well, i am trying to kill this old habit of mine too.But as Khoo Cheng Gaik said again, old habit dies hard. too also god damn busy here. I guess every Uni students is like that..Well, all the best to your assignment! I don't think u will face any problem as you are from writing class remember??? :-)

And also if u think 2500 words is long, think again. I will have to send up my term paper of the subject Great Ideas Of Comtemporary Physics by september also, altohough i don't know the exact date. And the main point is, i have to write 4000 words lehh....about physics...and that means Khoo's vocabs can't be used... :-(

day-dreamer said...

No wonder you're so busy lately...

What HP assignment? Writing the last Harry Potter book? Ha ha... sorry for this feeble joke.

Anyway, good luck! With your standard of English, 2500 words to you is just a piece of cake lah, sap sap sui!

razorblade said...

helicobacter pylori?

Ren Jie said...

Aha, i wish you luck too!!! You can make it~
I'll be updating my blog in two weeks' time, after you pass up your assignment, hehe...sorry to keep you waiting~
I'll be back soon!!!