Thursday, January 13, 2005

Jokes With Racism Hints

I do not endorse racism by all means, but just enjoy this joke without thinking of the races.

A situation arose when Malaysia was invited to send one Malaysian to the moon!

As there were 3 finalists and this was most probably going to be a one way trip only, the Prime Minister then...the previous one la...called all three of them to ask one question of each of them. What their price was.

First the Malay chap..he said RM500,000 cukup. will need to take care of his family and second wife as well.

then the Indian astronaut wanabe. He asked for RM1 million. Well, he had family, father and mother and widowed sister to look after you see...

Finally the Chinese chap....and he wanted RM3 million. Of course PM very shocked. He ask how come he want so much more compared to the rest. So this Chinaman said...well Datuk, of the RM3 million, Rm1 million I keep. On more RM1 million is for you.eheheh....and the last RM1 million we give the Indian guy and we send him to the moon la!.

Show how sly some Chinese are, actually.


day-dreamer said...

not being racism too, but that just described the typical three major races in Malaysia. Chinese always want to make the most profit... ha ha ha! but aren't u chinese too??

youngyew said...

day-dreamer: haha, ya lar, but then it's quite true la what you said... In generally, Chinese are indeed quite greedy.