Sunday, January 16, 2005

My Pictures Online

I never thought that I could stumble upon my own pictures on a non-affiliated website, but I just did! In a surge of reminiscent urge, I checked out the IMO 2001 and 2003 websites, and guess what, I was in the picture!! Here are them:

See, I was sitting right in the middle, the guy with red jacket. This one was taken in IMO 2003 Japan, in the exam hall where I was facing gruelling hours of tackling god-know-how-impossible-it-is hard mathematical problems.

This one pula in 2001, in Washington D.C., USA. I was the little boy with the flag! Standing in the line was 6 of us in Malaysia team and our guide (Shien Jin) who was one of the first bronze medal winners in Malaysia. The other line were the Australian contestants, it so happens that it's the country I am flying to in this February!

Being in a part of Malaysian IMO team is but a distant memory, but I really treasure those moments! I would say that it had enriched my experience and broadened my horizon, both mathematically and socially. I miss you, mathematics and my friends in those pictures! Wish you are doing well...


xaph said...

Pictures of the mathematical genius in his moments of glory ^_^

youngyew said...

Xaph: Haha, thanks! Actually in retrospect today, this post sounds a bit self-aggrandizing... Sorry if it did.