Sunday, January 16, 2005

About Genius

Edgard Varese

"Everyone is born with genius, but most people only keep it a few minutes."

An assiduous net-stumbler I am, I found this quotable quote. As I have said before, not everyone unearths their latent capabilities, and fewer of them use them to the fullest, and even fewer keep them. So most of the people fall to the category of followers and trainees.

p/s: Notice that I have updated the sidebar. In fact I spent the whole night on it. Do find out more about the banners at the bottom of the sidebar, all these are geek's favorite. Last word: Switch to Firefox!


day-dreamer said...

hallo doctor!!

i just have something to say about the 'p/s' part...

This uncle is ALWAYS adverstising for Firefox... non-stop! i wonder what are they paying him to do so. ;)

youngyew said...

Haha, when you are in love with something, you will do it without getting paid. Do you ask for petrol fee when you drive your girlfriend around? :-D