Friday, February 10, 2006

My Idea of Holidays

It seems inappropriate to write this at the very end of my 3-month holiday, as my idea of holidays hold no more purpose by now. But since the blog looked empty and people have commanded me to update it, I think I might just conclude my holidays with how I actually anticipated the very holidays.

My idea of holidays

  • spending quality time with people I love, bereft of culinary and academic responsibilities.
  • learning everything I wished I had time to learn, like chess, programming language, flash animation, swimming, English, general knowledge, ways to light up a girl's day etc.
  • to have a day off, lying on bed doing nothing.
  • to become fit as I exercise hard.
  • to rekindle and reinforce friendship bonds.
  • to read all the books I have missed throughout my life.
  • to watch movies which were undeservedly forgotten.
  • to write a blog about the difference between Malaysia and Australia.
  • to write many blog articles about thoughts and reality.
But I failed miserably.

I have a lot of ideas about holidays, but reality always strikes before I know it. Holidays have taught me that a resolution is only as good as the determination and perseverance. In any holiday, the temptation of lazing off is always greater than the resolution to do good things. So here I am, packing my luggage while leaving a lot of wish items unchecked.

Good bye, my holidays, my family, my friends and my hometown. I will head back to Melbourne tomorrow with rejuvenated spirit, and a new resolution which can't be shaken. The path of the future I will tread with an exulted spirit.

p/s: Note that I have changed my address. You can find my contact details here.


renjie said...

Have a safe trip back to Australia for the new semester. I believe you have enjoyed yourself a lot during these few months... envy you!!! =)
Since Chap Goh Meh and Valentine's Day are approaching, I'm here to wish you and your loved one a very sweet and memorable Valentine's Day! *wink*

day-dreamer said...

The last point of your "My idea of holidays" (unfortunately?) caught my attention. Can't help it, as my blog is known as "Thoughts and Thinking in Reality"... Ha ha ha!

Sorry for not dropping often these days, but I see I didn't miss out much. Hehehe... Anyway, hope to see more posts coming up.

Take care and keep in touch. Chat online if time permits. =)

Seok Kheng said...

Hey there! All the best and good luck. =)

wei liang said...

Hey Chang Yang, to prove that I'm still reading your blog..=P

talking about resolutions, do you remember my 2005 resolution--less internet surfing I told you early last year? Seems that it gonna be an unattainable goal for me...till now, heh