Thursday, March 30, 2006

Assignment Again...

I don't like assignments, really... Either there is too much stuff left unwritten, or I have exceeded the word limit when there are 2 questions to go.

That's why blog is a better place to write - there is never a fixed topic, a minimum or maximum word limit, logical connectors, paragraphing or grammatical correctness.

Good luck to me, in finding time for writing one more section, trimming the lengthy paragraphs and finding places to put in the citations.

I might be just a random variation due to sampling error.

Good night.


Winson Kang said...

Haha, i share the exact same sentiment with you. I am currently writing one position paper as well, which will due at the same time as your assignment. :-( Now the big problem is i have exceeded the word limit, thus still wondering how to trim it down. That's annoying. Blogging is fun!! You can do whatever you want. No tutor bugging you and so on!! :-)

Haha, as usual, i am sure that you can make it through! Don't worry. One thing i have learnt is that, when given an assignment, no matter how damn hard is it, somehow when the deadline comes, our complete assignment shows up as well. :-)

All the best. Drink more water! ( quote from Zhe Jin) --> Citation, so you can't really say i plagiarise!

I guess you would say " Ewwhh" :-P