Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Window Washer

Half an hour ago, I was having my well-deserved afternoon nap in my room, high above on the ninth (top) floor of College Square. But now I am wide awake, and it's all the fault of two guys.

I was living happily ever after in my little slumber land, when some noises mischievously bombarded my eardrum, knocked out all my ossicles and stirred up all the hair cells in my cochlea, firing all those unnecessary action potentials to my auditory centre in my brain at the superior temporal lobe. It sounded like one of my neighbours was trying to plug in the electric cable into the socket. Since College Square is made of plywood, such occurrence was kinda a norm here and so I decided to ignore it and try to continue sleeping.

But something was amiss.

The sound wouldn't go away, as if my neighbour couldn't find the right holes and plug it in right away. He or she kept knocking the wall all over and making all those stupid noises. That was when I got really vexed and decided to give up sleeping to find out who the hell that was.

I came to my favourite spot - my table next to the window, where I put my laptop on. As I looked around the house, I couldn't find anything wrong at all. Nobody was at home, and Melbourne city was clearly not under missile attack. But there were something - two unidentified ropes were hanging outside my window. Just when I was starting to wonder about the origin of the rope, a guy descended rather awkwardly from above, planting his feet on the window and grasping the windows bar for support. He smiled to me and waved to me with his wiper.

He was the window washer.

The window washer outside my room.
The feeling was so eerie when he came down - he smiled at me and I almost closed the blinds immediately if I wasn't refrained by some "decency". After all, it's not so polite to close the window when someone just smiled at you, right? But then, seriously... you really need to be in my shoes to experience the feeling... He and I were only two feet away separated by a window, and I felt so watched. It's not like I was not wearing clothes or doing something indecent when he descended. It's just... I felt like a victim of voyeurism.

He proceeded to wash my window duly and left after a minute. I pretended to be busy online all the while. When another guy descended on my neighbour's window, I decided to take a picture which was the one you saw above.

This little incident was actually quite unremarkable, except for a chilling thought that I had soon after - this is the perfect form of voyeurism. On any other day, there may be someone who hangs outside the window of your building, watching what you are up to in your private space.

Just imagine what if someone is sleeping naked in the room or having sexual acts. I foresee a dramatic rise of the number of window-washer applicants in the future.


Eric Fu said...

Hmm.. Would you be the first applicant ever? :P

Winson Kang said...

Hmm, interesting one. Anyway, you should count yourself lucky for being able to become a target for Voyeurism in view of the "qualities" you have to offer. Muahaha..:P

And yes Eric, i guess he will be the first one to go apply. Positive about it!:P

hL said...

That was really scary! Hmm.. I guess CS should warn you beforehand that they'll come.

Anyway, privacy invaded...

... in a friendly...

... unexpected manner.

Michelle said...


I didn't know about the window washers till I got back from uni and saw that my windows were surprisingly clean.

day-dreamer said...

You've got a window washer.

I've got a free toilet wash yesterday, just because someone new is moving in. Wahahahaha!!

youngyew said...

Eric fu: Nah, there are so many more ways to "do this kind of thing", rather than having to hang outside a highrise building with the risk of having your rope snap spontaneously or cut off by your victims. :P

Winson Kang: Of course my quality is more than enough for voyeurism. :P

hL: Haha, ya lo, that's what I thought too.. I am going to lodge a complaint very soon.

Alvin Ooi said...

next time u do sexual act or sleep naked mah draw the curtains loo

youngyew said...

Michelle: Haha, you were so lucky... The other day I saw window washer again in my girlfriend's apartment. Unlucky...

Day-dreamer: Ouh, someone new is moving in your apartment?

Alvin Ooi: Haha, I don't do it larr... :P

Anonymous said...

Haha... not apartment la, someone new moving into my room. :(

p.s. Woohoo!! Blogger Beta settled their problems and now I can comment properly. YEAH!!

Kenta said...

OMG ... That's one funny yet scary thingy. BTW, day_dreamer here.

youngyew said...

day-dreamer: I am sorry to hear about your roommate's bad attitude (refer to her blog posts). Hope that you can escape from this hell as soon as possible.

kenta: Hi, welcome to my blog! :)