Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Apartment

This is where I live in.

Daylight Map (Powered by Google Map)


I have already pinpointed my apartment at the map, and the point is the exact position - at the ninth floor, North-east corner of North Block of College Square. College Square consists of six squarish buildings, and it's located along Lygon street (the vertical street on the left hand side). Located north-west to College Square is Melbourne General Cemetary, a burial place so large that it is twice the area of my university. University of Melbourne is located Southwest of College Square, and I have labelled where the three-spike medical building is located.

If you visit the link I gave above, you will be able to zoom out and explore the Melbourne city. If you feel that the picture is too dark, it's not because there's something wrong with your monitor - the brightness of the picture is actually simulated by the website to reflect the actual brightness at real-time. In other words, if it's nighttime in Melbourne right now, you will see a dark picture; and vice versa.