Thursday, May 25, 2006

Flurry Screensaver

I like Mac. I can still remember that the first time I saw Mac, I was immediately enthralled by the sleek design and the "cool" factor. And then I saw this screensaver:

Screenshot of Flurry Screensaver
I was like... Wow!! From that moment, that screensaver became my favourite screensaver. Its simplicity and the aesthetic curves is simply captivating. Until yesterday I never knew that the screensaver is called "flurry", but its swaying arcs have always kept me in awe whenever I saw them.

I always lamented that why can't Microsoft programmers create a screensaver as good as this one, or at least give us more interesting screensavers. But for years, after Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, XP SP1 and what not, what we get are always the same ol' dull-looking simple lines, scrolling words, picture slideshows and so on. Yesterday, I did some googling and found that I can actually have flurry on Windows! Well, it won't turn my Windows into Mac, but it certainly helps a bit.

For those who are interested, you can get it from the original download website here. However, the original file doesn't work on laptop with integrated video adapter; therefore if you are using a laptop, it would be best to download this version.


Note: For those who are technically-minded, the only modification made in the latter file is changing the "scr" extension to "sCr", and this way you bypass the integrated video card checking by Intel integrated video card in laptop. The original file causes lagging in laptop because the OpenGL technology is turned off by the integrated video card.


sophisticatedsoul said...

Downloaded the screensaver. It gives me some kind of weird visual sensation. It feels so abstract. The object is so flexible with its NOT-QUITE-predictable turns and twists. Another excellent screensaver besides my current Commonwealth Day 2005 one..

youngyew said...

Eerm... Can you point me to the commonwealth day screensaver?

For this flurry screensaver, you can try change the settings and choose "psychedelic". It produces the most beautiful effect for me... :)

sophisticatedsoul said...

Yup...I have tried all different types before posting the comment...and I am sticking to "psychedelic" also...

Well, the Commonwealth Day screensaver may not appear as nice to you..I don't know. It's not that abstract. It has got words and photos. I came across it while researching for my ESLS investigative studies last time. If I'm not mistaken, it's here. Enjoy.

Seok Kheng said...

Well, hmm, so far I'm quite satisfied with my screensaver, have been using it for quite some time and find it quite special, not the ordinary windows type, it's my favourite artist F.I.R.. Used to try out Matrix code last time as well, very cool, but I lost it. Haha.

youngyew said...

seok kheng: Yeah, I used to enjoy the Matrix screensaver too.. However, what I found is many fancy or interesting screensavers become out-dated or boring after some time, where this screensaver has yet to become boring for me. :)