Sunday, May 14, 2006

An Open Letter to Liverpool

Dear Liverpool,

I hate it when you guys play a great game after I have decided not to watch in order to "study". First, Champions League; next, FA Cup.

Congratulations, by the way. :)

A full-time MU fan cum part-time Liverpool fan


day-dreamer said...

I like the way the letter was signed off... full-time and part time. Hahaha!

Are you the author of this letter?

StanleyYP said...

u must look at the celebration in East Ham London...jz went there last month to hv indian curry. looked at the pic online few days ago, the whole town turned into a parade.....ppl here damn semangat...
not in my place though...ppl here prefer books to football match...hahahh.....very much different from london. in london, in the bar, it's jz beer n football....:P

youngyew said...

Day-dreamer: Haha, yeah, I wrote this letter and I mean it. I so cham, watched so many uninteresting mathces but missed both great matches.. :(

Stanleyyp: Haha, I haven't seen you go watch a single football match lehh... Poor you, stay in Cambridge can't go anywhere for outdoor activities.