Saturday, May 20, 2006

Number of Hair

Fact of the day:

At any given time in New York there live at least two people with the same number of hairs

From PigeonHole Principle.


Ka Lip said... =.=*


Jiun Wuu said...

Erm,so,that means...??

Khoon Yu said...

Long live math! Hahaha...

I've seen that webpage. An interesting and informative one. Are you still math-ing a lot?

youngyew said...

Ka Lip: Haha, forgive me for getting excited over random mathematical result... :$

Jiun Wuu: This is the result of a fundamental mathematical principle called pigeonhole principle. Basically the principle works like this: if there are 10 things in 9 holes, there must be at least a hole with 2 or more things. Or, if there are 11 integers, there must be at least two integers that share the same last-digit. Eerm.. I am a bit enthusiastic over this kind of maths thingy... It can get pretty amazing to work out some mathematical solutions using basic principles.

Khoon Yu: Haha, yeah, cut-the-knot is my favourite maths website since very long ago! :) No, I don't really do a lot of maths now, but whenever I do, I still enjoy it very much.