Monday, August 04, 2008

Great Ocean Road (2)

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While the lightstation might make a great destination for historians; we didn't find it too appealing as we were not particularly interested in naval or telecommunication history.

So we just wandered about the site with our photography equipments. Yes that's camera backpacks and tripods you are seeing here. And a huge white lens, for those who know what it is.

IMG_7295 (by changyang1230)
After taking a few shots of some interesting stuffs,

we promptly moved on and headed to our next destination.

I am sure by now you should be able to recognise this place. Yup, that's the entrance to the Twelve Apostles, one of the major attraction of the Great Ocean Road. It started drizzling and the air was freezing when we reached there. I overheard some Chinese tourists cursing, "When we were young we endured hardship to earn more money; now that we are old, we earn money only to endure hardship here." I can't say I wasn't agreeing with them. :P

IMG_7307 (by changyang1230)
Twelve Apostles is probably one of the most misleading names among Australian tourist attractions. To begin with, the stony stacks are limestone structures formed by centuries of erosion, and they have nothing to do with the twelve apostles in Christian belief. Also, there are not even twelve structures remaining on the site - at last count there were only eight. One of them collapsed in July 2005, between my first and second visit. The bottom pic was from the first trip, and you can see how it looked much better before the first stack turned into a pile of rubble.

Here is just another view of the same thing. On the right hand side is the boardwalk we walked on while we revelled in the majestic scenery. I hope that they check the ground regularly. Because...

Remember Gibson's steps, a beach near the twelve apostles? This time, this place was closed down due to "safety concerns".

Around this time, the rain starting pelting down on us like a flow of torrent, and we couldn't withstand the chill anymore. Needless to say we were quite disappointed that we missed the opportunity to capture sunset pictures of the twelve apostles. The mood was a generalised low as we started heading towards our motel at Warrnambool.

But. A glint of golden ray appeared as we passed by the Lord Arch Gorge, another famous limestone stack site. After taking a few more snaps, we reluctantly called it a day.

And we have a secret plan for the second day...

[to be continued]


day-dreamer said...

The 6th picture again. :P

I thought we would see snakes. Hehe.

Eric Fu said...

Now you're luring me to Australia and NZ!

changyang1230 said...

Much welcome!