Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hari Merdeka 2008

So I went to Fiesta Malaysia, an event in Federation Square, Melbourne held in conjunction with the National Day of Malaysia.

IMG_8058 (by changyang1230)
Boon Phiaw brought along a Malaysian flag,

IMG_1849-2 (by changyang1230)
so I took a picture with him and the flag.

IMG_1870 (by changyang1230)
Then, a few of us took a picture with the flag.

IMG_8114 (by changyang1230)
Then, MORE people took picture with the flag.

IMG_8092 (by changyang1230)
An Angmoh finds it amusing.

IMG_8117 (by changyang1230)
There were a few features on Federation Square. Among others is the national costume,

IMG_8086 (by changyang1230)
traditional games like apit buluh (literally: clipping bamboo sticks),

IMG_8083 (by changyang1230)
folk songs by the local Peranakan society, 

IMG_8106 (by changyang1230)
and me dancing.

Okay not really.

IMG_8057 (by changyang1230)
Suddenly it rained cats and dogs, but luckily it only lasted for some good ten minutes.

IMG_8096 (by changyang1230)
So people continued dancing

IMG_8120 (by changyang1230)
and chatting.

IMG_8072 (by changyang1230)
On the stage the Sarawakian dance continued.

IMG_8099 (by changyang1230)
And then a Chinese singer bagged everyone's attention as she rendered Fish Leong's "Fly Away" and Datuk Siti Nurhaliza's "Cinta Biasa". The square cheered for her rapturously when she finished.

And I went home.


Ai Ling said...

The way you danced very come got that kinda expression on the face like as if you are saying "fuiyoh!" Haha. :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah semua mau bergambar dengan Jalur Gemilang ya? @.@

Haha :P

jasmine said...

"chun" lah your dancing! ai ling, i think his expression is like a clown telling the crowd, "look at how brilliant i am!" =)

crushedguava said...

eh your dancing very 'unreal', if you know what i mean. lol

changyang1230 said...

Ai Ling: Where got! I almost got clipped you know. :P

Day-dreamer: Haha ya we kind of became the limelight among the crowd.

Jasmine: *palmface*

Crushedguava: I don't know what you mean. lol