Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

IMG_8318 (by changyang1230)
It was Mid-Autumn and the moon was full*.

IMG_8281 (by changyang1230)
So we played lanterns.

IMG_8273 (by changyang1230)
A few of us gathered in my house,

IMG_8323 (by changyang1230)
to see me play.

Okay not really.

IMG_8299 (by changyang1230)
After lighting up the lanterns and playing with the fire,

IMG_8282 (by changyang1230)
we went out for a walk carrying lanterns with a myriad of colours.

As we were chit-chatting and doing our round of parade, some local residents opened their door and peeked at us curiously. Some pedestrians detoured from our path. Judging by the looks we got, I think some of them must have thought we are a bunch of possible arsonists. :P

IMG_8295 (by changyang1230)
Along the way we stopped for pictures, including some with flash,

IMG_8311 (by changyang1230)
and some without flash.

IMG_8287 (by changyang1230)
Some from a distance,

IMG_8302 (by changyang1230)
some from...

IMG_8321 (by changyang1230)
eerm, closer.

IMG_8274 (by changyang1230)
Lanterns are just a small aspect of what Mid-Autumn Festival is about. Conspicuously missing in this series of picture are boxes of mooncake due to the speed at which they were devoured in my house. Mid-Autumn Festival is the event for the reunion of the family, and for friendship. We had quite a simple event, but it was unique and meaningful as many of us are going to part our ways in the future in a few months time. Until next time...

* It was actually the day before the full moon when we took the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! The second picture from the top is absolutely phenomenal. Well, for me, i didn't have any lanterns. Oh well. I did help out in decreasing the moon-cake population in my house.


day-dreamer said...

Especially loved the second picture. :)

WP said...

Wow...I've never played lanterns in France...when we meet up we only eat mooncakes...

changyang1230 said...


wp: Haha national culture is not forgotten. :D