Sunday, November 16, 2008



One and a half hours were how long it took to stop the bleeding

I should cut slower next time.


yin hui said...

one and a half hours?

are u on warfarin??


day-dreamer said...


Your sketch looks scary... like such a big chunk of flesh (and so small trickle of blood :P).

nhang said...

Cut your proper palmar digital artery?

A friend of mine cut his not too long ago. It bled profusely (quite la). But since he was eating and had no spare hand to compress the bleeding site, he ended up tying a rubber band (just enough pressure; not too tight) proximal to it for half an hour or so. After he removed the rubber band, we could still see a bit of blood oozing out, but at a slower rate.

So yeah, I agree you should cut slower next time. :P