Monday, November 17, 2008

The Irrelevant Question

Me: Is there any disease that runs in the family?

Patient: Ya some angina.

Me: Your parents?

Patient: Ya mum died of some angina.

Me: Did she have actual heart attacks?

Patient: I think so. Died of heart attack when she was 59.

Me: What about your dad?

Patient: Died of old age.

Me: How old was he?

Patient: I think he was about 85.

Me: Ahh ok. You have other siblings?

Patient: No, no kids.

Me: Oh what about your own siblings, brothers and sisters?

Patient: Nope.

Me: Ah okay you are the only child.

Patient: Ya.

Me: So are you married?

Patient: Irrelevant. Next question!

Me: =.=" Oh sorry. Eerm, who do you live...

Patient: Sorry I am a bit tired.

Me: Oh alright, thanks for spending time with me.


nhang said...

Lol. Was that a simulated or real patient?

Chu Hwai said...

errrm... what kind of patient is that... how come you will ask these questions and these kind of responses?