Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back from Brisbane!

I was back from Brisbane on 14th! The journey was fantastic overall, thanks to our great tour guide Zhi Wei who brought us to the most interesting places she could find in Brisbane and Gold Coast. The beaches, zoo, Movie World etc were simply breathtaking. I don't have time to put up the journey here yet, but I promise I will in the coming weeks, and keep your finger crossed for the sunny pictures from me! :)

The new semester is going to begin in two more days and I have yet to recompose myself for the new challenges. I have just checked the group allocations for our tutorials, and it's kinda relieving that I am in the same group with some of the nice people out there, e.g. Chong Chyn, Jing Yi etc. Also lucky is the fact that I am not together with well-known troublemakers. :P

Before I end, just thought I would share a football joke leeched shamelessly from Voon Seng's blog over here. Let's brave our new days with a smile!

A Korean football supporter asks God: When will Korea lift the World Cup?
God: 100 years.
The Korean broke into tears, because he couldn't live to witness it.

Then, a Japanese football supporter asks God: When will Japan lift the World Cup?
God: 200 years.
The Japanese broke into tears, for the same reason of not being able to live to witness

Then, a Malaysian football supporter asks God: When will Malaysia lift the World Cup?
God: *Broke into tears*

(Disclaimer: the God mentioned is not religion-specific)


day-dreamer said...

Welcome back!!

I like that joke... remembered my lecturer mentioning something about the Malaysian football team's ability too.

Hmm, I wonder... when can Malaysians lift up the World Cup? 100 years? 200 years?? Or never???!!

Jiun Wuu said...

this joke so familiar 1,i think i read of it b4,but forgotten where...