Monday, August 20, 2007

Ctrl - Backspace

ctrl+bkspc-keySometimes it helps to know some useful keyboard shortcuts. There are so many cumbersome procedures which could be greatly simplified if you know the right keyboard shortcut.

One of them is Ctrl-Backspace.

Ctrl-Backspace: Delete the last word
It's excruciating to see some of my friends or tutors pressing backspace millions of times in order to edit text in Microsoft Word. I wanted to tell them about Ctrl-backspace but I always held back in the end for the fear of appearing showy.

Besides Ctrl-backspace, you can also use Ctrl-Leftarrow or Ctrl-Rightarrow to move forward or backward one word at a time. Want to select the words? Easy, just add the key Shift. Pressing Ctrl-Shift-Leftarrow or Ctrl-Shift-Rightarrow will navigate the word and select the words at the same time.

This method works on most programs including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. Once you pick it up, you will work much faster when it comes to typing and editing.


WP said...

(I didn't know that :P)

day-dreamer said...

Of all the tips you listed, I only don't know Ctrl+Backspace. So, thank you for the info. Hehe.

youngyew said...

My pleasure! :)