Monday, August 27, 2007

Unanswered Comments Suck

Do you expect replies when you write a comment on a blog? Are you pissed when nobody replies to your comment?

I am not sure whether people have been pissed by me, or I am being overly sensitive. My last few posts have only seen 0, 1, 2, or 3 comments, and the last 7 chatters in the chatterbox was from myself. I feel like I was only talking to myself. :P

It probably is due to my lack of replies in the comment section, I guessed. Or people just don't have much to say about what I wrote recently, especially since I write about boring hospital routines all the time. If you thought it's boring from my writing, it is 10 times more boring in real life.

Anyway I just realized that I last answered comments in May, and since then I have been neglecting the comment sections. I just found myself some break, and I have been writing replies one-by-one to every single comment. Every single comment is now replied to! :)

So guys, if you think I owed you an answer to any of your questions, do check out the original posts. :)


day-dreamer said...

Sometimes being a silent reader is fun. Haha. Especially I'm noob about the "cheem cheem" topics you write. ;)

sophisticatedsoul said...

The problem is with Google Reader! (Now I am blaming everything on it. :P)

When you read from Google Reader (especially before a test/exam), all you can do is read, have yourself entertained and selfishly forget the fact to at least leave a mark in the blog to indicate having appreciated the well-written piece(s). Why? Because you want to save as much time as possible. (Maybe this is just an excuse after all.)

But well, I still believe a lack of commenting activity could be partially attributed to the use of Google Reader. I lost one of my commentors after introducing Google Reader to him. :D

youngyew said...

day-dreamer: Haha where got cheem cheem stuff worr.. I simply crap one. If you want cheem cheem stuff, go to blogs like John Lee's, Lim Kit Siang's (especially posts written by Farish Noor) etc. They are all in my sidebar blog list, go have a look and you would know how "not-cheem" my stuff are compared to those. :P

sophisticatedsoul: Haha ya right! :P To view a post on Google Reader, just click "v" on your keyboard leh. Whenever I read something worth commenting on, I always go and comment. Unlike you... :P

Haha anyway, do you know that by installing some extra scripts, you can actually read the actual blog article and comment, right inside Google Reader? Follow this:

1. Install greasemonkey (It's a fabulous extension, by the way)
2. Install this script - Google Reader Preview.
3. Refresh your Google Reader. Whenever you want to view a post on its original site, just click on the "preview" button, or easier still, press "shift + v".

Hehe now you have no more reason not to comment on my blog leh? :P

You can explore around the site where you get the Google preview script. They have lots of other scripts which add tons of fabulous features to the site that you frequent. :))

SilverIsle said...

I admit. I'm one of those who will stop commenting when I see no replies from the author himself/herself after some time. Haha. =P

youngyew said...

silverisle: Haha no wonder lar... :P I promise I will reply to comments as quick as possible in the future, so would that mean more and more comments from you? :D

Anonymous said...

Oh I am sure this is just one of your gimmicks to try getting more comments, eh?


youngyew said...

Hehe so you are one of the people who fall for my gimmick eh? :P

sophisticatedsoul said...

Talking about greasemonkey, I have installed it before coming to Melbourne but never get around to explore it yet. I shall make a start maybe end of this year, so that at the mean time, I can still have excuses for not leaving comments in your blog, however worthy of comments some of the posts are. :P

youngyew said...

Haha you should install this Google Reader script immediately if you use reader regularly. It's really wonderful, and it just takes a click to install, which is much less than the time taken to write notes on facebook... :P :P

rachael said...

I found your entry on the keyboard short cuts very useful. i always wonder how ppl can delete/edit so quickly, but too paiseh to ask lah. Anyway, now i know.

youngyew said...

Haha it's great to see more people learn about useful tips, Rachael. :) Anyway thanks for dropping by, may I know who you are?