Saturday, December 29, 2007

Freaking HOT!!

The temperature in Melbourne right now is 39 degree Celcius!!! I was walking outside just now, and it was literally a sauna even under the shade.

Winson said my enzymes must be denatured by now. I agree.

Update: After two hours it went straight down to 26 degree Celcius because change of direction of the winds. Okay now I am a formal convert of the "four seasons in a day" saying in Melbourne.

Update 2: It's 17 degree Celcius at night.


SilverIsle said...

It's freaking HOT here too right now. Argh.

King said...

wow, 39°C --> 26°C? just by changing the direction of windblow?

germany is having her constant minus degree coldness.

bluez_aspic said...

Monday is expected to hit 41°C =(

Anonymous said...

hahaha, now see you regret staying in bad melbourne anot.

ShouFarn said...

Maybe thats why we get more pimples in hot weather: our enzymes on the skin are denatured and bacteria are allowed to grow.

youngyew said...

Silverisle: Let's curse the heat together! :P As I am writing this, it is another 41-degree day. :(

King Ung: Yeah it's the first time I experienced this, but as I read more about it, it's actually a rather famous weather pattern in the southern coast of Australia. What happens is, in the summer, the extreme hot weather are usually due to the dry, hot and arid northerly wind from the central australia; but then sometimes there is this cooler southerly wind from the southern ocean, and when the southerly wind arrives and kind of replaces the northerly wind, we get this sudden 10-20 degree temperature drop in as short as half an hour. It is termed as the "cool change" by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. More info here.

Bluez: Today and tomorrow are again 41°C. :(

Anonymous: Haha okay okay la, just stay at home and turn fan to full speed, then it's not too bad.

Shou Farn: Hah, that's very probable. :D