Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tasmania Trip (1) - Teasers

Tasmania is about...

Lush valleys.

A rich history of 19th century convicts.

Giant mazes

Beautiful flowers.

Upclose wildlife

Amazing coasts
Summer sunsets at 8.30pm

... and needless to say, Cradle Mountain!

More to come!


WP said...

Nice photos! I suppose you took these yourself? I'd be pretty sure about that except for the kangaroo...can we really get that close?

day-dreamer said...

*struggling to prevent jaw from dropping*

These. Are. Awesome.

*lost for words*

N-C Bond said...

I'm being honest, okay?!

There're altogether 8 pieces of TASMANIA, which I found (1), (3), (7) absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!


sophisticatedsoul said...

Seriously, those pictures could be leeched for use as Desktop BG. I wish the colour quality of my camera can be half as nice as yours. But well, it's impossible to compare my camera to yours. lol.

Celest said...

Beautiful pictures.... is number 7 u and xn? Did she cut her hair? hahaha.... nonetheless... beautiful sunset :P

youngyew said...

Hey thanks for the compliments. But then those are the only better pictures, the rest all not too good liao.

WP: Yup I took those pictures by myself except no. 7 (haha if I say I took no. 7 too would you believe it? :P) The kangaroo are free-ranging in the wildlife park, so it's without fence or anything, nobody's watching us also, so we got to interact with the kangaroo all by ourselves.

day-dreamer: Haha a bit kua zhang wor...

Neptune: Haha thanks. Romantik kah? :)

Sophisticatedsoul: Cannot compare to those professional ones lah. Actually the colour of some of them are tuned with photo editing softwares, so it's not just the camera at work here. It's actually a compact camera nia, nothing fancy.

Celest: No it's Freda (haha, duh.. :P) XN cut her hair after you went back, I think.