Friday, November 30, 2007

Confusing Words

There are some words that I find it hard to differentiate.

  • Prosecute vs. Persecute.
  • Proprietor vs. Perpetrator
  • Farther vs. Further
Do you find it hard to differentiate certain words?

Note: This should be my last post before my Tasmania trip.


Eric Fu said...

Farther and further is just a matter of American English or British English.

US: The store is farther than the cinema is from downtown Ann Arbor.

UK: The store is further than the cinema is from downtown Ann Arbor.

bluez_aspic said...

Enjoy Tazzie - where there are no water restrictions :P

Patrick Leong said...

I guess everyone has got their own set of confusing words. Mine on the other hand, is more of a spelling problem O.o

youngyew said...

Eric: Not entirely. The two words have been used interchangeably in all countries. For example, if you read this source, it mentions that a convention is that further refers to nonphysical advancement while farther should be reserved for physical distance. Most of the time I use further for all usages anyway.

Bluez: Hah, that's the only difference you have in mind about Tassie and Victoria? :P

Patrick: Oh, what sort of spelling problems? Words like manoeuvre? :D

Eric Fu said...

Interesting! Well, at least that was what I was told when I prepared for the SAT!

sophisticatedsoul said...

I find myself using only "further" most of the time. Probably because "farther" sounds a bit weird to me although I know of its existence.