Friday, November 02, 2007

#1 in Google!

There is this fun game where you are supposed to find five different phrases which return your blog as the first hit.

Some results are quite surprising:

How do you find yourself in Google? :D


Jyue Loh said...
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Jyue Loh said...
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Ka Lip said...

lol..I googled Chew Ka Lip..

my blog didn't come first..

lo and behold... your blog came 4th from comments I posted..


Ka Lip said...

Oh..and just realized that first was actually JW's blog...again..from comments..

A consolation would be that I won't be so easily stalked...not that anyone would..

sophisticatedsoul said...

Hey, I tried it the moment I read your post and listed down the keywords to be searched leading to my blog. Hah..but am too lazy to post them up yet. I think I shouldn't check your blog too much during study break me more reason to procrastinate only.. :P

youngyew said...

Jyue: Haha yeah, whatever we have written online can be traced back to us as long as someone is dedicated enough to find it out. But then, by practising more discretion while writing online, we can still maintain quite a bit of privacy lah. That's provided tat we don't get drunk in parties all the time and our pictures get posted all over in Friendster, Facebook etc. That one, nobody can help. :P

Ka Lip: Try "ka lip" instead of simply ka lip. That would search for only the exact terms and exclude results such as "ka wee bit my lip". :P

Sophisticatedsoul: Haha I haven't read about it eh.. You better post it faster, because the results change quite frequent. I just checked and some of the examples in this post no longer returns my blog as the first result. :(